I’m alive! …with some changes to the website

Hey guys!

It’s been much too long since I posted a chapter…8 months too long!

I have a mountain of excuses for why I disappeared for such a long time but it pretty much boils down to 2 points.

  1. Work got too hectic and I had no time for anything else
  2. I lost pretty much all my motivation

Though point 1 is still there but I have gotten back most of my motivation and decided to work around my work and start translating again.

Hope you guys didn’t get TOO annoyed with me being absent for so long.

Now on to other stuff.

I’ve made a bunch of changes to the website. The most noticeable for the users will be the lack of a login system.
I removed it because it was fairly pointless at this point and it slowed down the website. The plugin I used for the login system was fairly crappy after all.
If there is any need for it in the future, I’ll code a login system myself and use that.

I’ve also made a whole other bunch of changes, some noticeable by everyone (like the menu) and others which mainly benefit me on the backend and also speed up the website a whole ton.

If there are any problems with the website or any suggestions you guys have, do let me know in the comments and I’ll look into it!

Well, chapters will start off again from today~

We now have discord!

I’ve set up a discord server for our little community here.

First of all, the invite link to the server is – https://discord.gg/d8z2nXm

Let’s get some of the information on the server out shall we?

Everyone is welcome to the discord! Only thing that I would like to request is for everyone to be respectful of one another.
There is no need for unnecessary name calling or abuses.

With that out of the way, let me list some of the features.

  • A fun little levelling system [MEE6] which gives you xp the more you message in our channels. (Though keep in mind that there is a 1 min cooldown after a message so spamming won’t level you quickly)
    You’ll get ranks based on your levels!
    The ranks are as follows:
    Lv 1 – The Friendly
    Lv 5 – The Talkative
    Lv 25 – The Loyal
    Lv 50 – The Dedicated
    Lv 100 – The Demigod of Time
    Lv 150 – The God of Time & Space [Has Priority Speaker]

    Use command !rank to see your own level and !levels to get a link to the server’s leaderboard

  • The discord is connected to Patreon so you get your own rank if you’re a patron.
    Not to mention, the “Demon Lord” Patreon ranks have their names in separate lists from the online users.
    (Do ensure that your discord account and Patreon account use the same email)
  • Patrons also get a separated private channel for all their, on-the-go scheming and plotting to take over the world!
  • Though I haven’t added many bots to the server, I am open to adding some fun ones.
    Once you join, you can use the BOT-Requests channel to ask for the ones you’re interested in and if it’s nice, then we can consider adding it to the server.

That, there, ends my report for the day~

Let me know your thoughts and I hope to see you all in the discord soon!

A slight change to Patreon tiers

Hi guys,
So, I have tested my pace out for the last few weeks and frankly, posting 4 chapters a week is quite difficult.

If this were my full time job, or at least to the point where I can assign half of my maximum priority to it then I should be able to go ahead and post 4 or even more a week but well, that can’t really happen anytime soon.

So for now, all the 10$+ tiers will also only get 1 extra chapter every week.

This is also a decision so that I don’t get burned out translating and also leave me some time so that, if I ever want to translate another novel (shorter ones, nothing as long as Hyaku Ma No Omo) then I should be able to.

Sorry for any inconveniences, hope you guys can understand.

Patreon page and tier explanation


So, I finally set up my Patreon page and while the tiers should be self-explanatory, there may be some ambiguity or confusion so allow me to clear everything up here.

Firstly, any and all support, whether verbal monetary or physical are extremely appreciated.
While this is a hobby, I am quite serious about it and everyone’s support helps me strive further.

Now, onto the tiers.

Civilian – As the perk, 1$ every month will be added to a (fictional) jar for sponsored chapters. This 1$ for sponsored will apply to all tiers so, 1$ from every patron will be added to that jar upto a maximum of $200 per month.

Why the limit?
The chapters of Hyaku Ma No Omo are extremely long so doing more than 1 extra chapter a week other than the patron chapters is extremely difficult unless I do this work full-time.
Royalty – 1 extra chapter will be posted for you guys (and all higher tiers), every Thursday. You will also have your names added to the patron credits for 1 week each month, meaning 3 chapters every month (unless there is a sponsored chapter).

Demon Lord – <king> – You guys (and all the higher tiers) will receive 2 extra chapters every week, so there will be 3 chapters posted on Thursday (1 public, 1 chapter for 5$+ patrons, 1 chapter for 10$+ patrons). You will also have your names added to the patron credits for 2 weeks every month, meaning, 8 chapters every month (more if sponsored).
You will also have a preferential say in the choice of a second novel I pick up in the future.

Demon Lord – <Emperor> – The same 2 extra chapters (I can’t offer even more extra chapters due to the length of each chapter) as well as your name on every chapter that is released.
You will have a higher weighted opinion when we decide on a second novel for me to pick up.

Demon Lord – <God> – The same 2 extra chapters as well as your name on every chapter released. You will also have your name displayed on a dedicated page for amazing patrons on the website.
You will have the highest weighted opinion when I choose another novel not to mention, the list of top 10 or 5 or whichever number will be ran by you guys to reduce it further before becoming a public vote.

I may make some changes to the tiers as the situation changes but I’ll definitely be letting everyone know about it before that happens.

Well, Yoroshiku~

Changes to Names


I figured I’d let you guys know what changes I’ve made to the names so far.

  • Flounder Crow -> Flander Crow [Flander is much truer to the Katakana than Flounder]
  • Evil Eye -> Magic Eye [Somehow, having Evil in the name for something for a Hero is just sad]
  • Mousegg -> Mūzeg [Mousegg kind of makes me think of a dessert]
  • Mariza -> Marisa [No deep reason for this change but Marisa rolls much easier off the tongue than Mariza]


And so it starts…

Hello, fellow Homo (Otaku) Sapiens!

So, I’ve decided to start translating a WN called Hyaku Ma No Omo.

Let me start off by saying, this is my first translation project and if (and I know that I will) I make any mistakes, then please do feel free to correct it in the comments.

This particular work had the first 17 chapters translated but it seems to be dead now, so I picked it up

Now, people might be wondering why i decided to pick this up.

Well, to be honest, this wasn’t my first choice.

My first choice was actually The Laid-back Life in Another World of the Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned out to be a Cheat from Level 2. Though, a few days before I was planning my first chapter release, it was picked up by someone else.

That actually sucked a lot, though to be honest, I’m quite a relieved now.

The writing of Aoi Yamato-sensei (author of Hyaku Ma No Omo) is extremely nice. Though, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do justice to his writing with my translations but I’ll definitely do my best.

Well, I don’t want to bore you guys with an extremely long post for no reason so I’ll just say what needs to be said.

Hyaku Ma No Omo is quite the nice story, I’ve enjoyed it so far. I haven’t finished reading it yet, though I’ll get there with you guys!

I plan on sticking with this translation till the end so we’ll all hopefully have a long happy relationship~

If you guys have any questions, just throw them into the comments.