Chapter 11 -Sorrow of the Devil

A girl with a body that seemed it would break if touched, had begun climbing the Lindholm sacred mountain that day.

「… I wonder if… I can climb it.」

She already had climbed much of it, but there was still anxiety inside the chest of the girl.

Her own Demon Eyes had confirmed that the most gentle climbing route was from the north side.

[Evil Eyes of the Devil]

It had an ability that was kind of like a far sight, but because the perspective is limited to above, it was called so.

They said it’s the eyes of the 『demon living in heaven』.

And because of that, my family has been labeled as Demon Lords.

The far sight would forecast that which does not wish to be seen of the people.

They were afraid of it.

And they were the ones, that have begged for and wanted our clan to lend theirs power.

They at first welcomed lending the power of far sight, but later they realized the threat that was lurking.

In particular, the fear that you’ve got once you have contact with someone.

The Evil Eyes are something bad.

And again when to have a relationship with a person or not, is something very dangerous.

— Me, I have nothing …

I had the [Evil Eyes of the Devil] since my birth.

The Demon Lord lineage attached the issue of the [Devil]. — A blood lineage.

Even thought it is at the lowest ranking of the [Devil Series] but, nevertheless, it still is a subject of fear.

It did not have strength except for the [Evil Eyes of the Devil], it’s probably one of the reasons why that could not become a [King Series] or a [Emperor Series].

— Mom, Dad.

A month ago, My parents were killed.

They were getting out of the way before someone from two generation before used the [Evil Eyes of the Devil], living such as to as much as possible not have contact with the people of the [Devil] clan.

And yet, they’ve been chasing.

Once they came to borrow a convenient power, but once you temporarily take distance once, they turn into enemies.

If it’s that scary, then I wish to ask to never have lent strength from the beginning.

I wish I had no contact.

Again, allow me to do it again.

Even if I think so, It’s too late.

The girl also had been chased by them.

At the cost of her father and mother, and into her ear the vague desire had been whispered to 『Somehow Survive』– And she ran away.

While using the [Evil Eyes of the Devil] she only cared about finding a place where the pursuers would not find her, no matter where it was.

I welcome the Evil Eyes to myself, I don’t fight against the power.

I wonder if I should really run forever.

Before the me that has escaped in a half-dazed state, there was the Lindholm sacred mountain.

Here the spirits who still have regrets gather.

Maybe I might have ancestors here.

There might be, and father and mother might have too.

It’s not like the only choice is to run away, It’s better yet to go looking for them in the sacred mountain, the girl was determined to climb the mountain.


I have found along the way some spirits and mountain beasts, but I have managed to not be found thanks to the Evil Eyes.

I can’t afford to go back after coming all the way up here.

Cold wind has been hitting against my body, the ground surface mixed with the occasional snow came to be entangled with my legs.

The cold air had been hitting against the cheeks so much it had gone numb, I climbed up the mountain innocently.

Then finally, I arrived at the mountain’s peak.

And there were a young man who had a beautiful snow-white hair and bright red eyes and a beautiful woman with black hair.


— Why… would someone be here

Those youths have appearances that are like from another world, or better yet, that seemed like they were ghosts.

But the woman had an animated appearance.

A little wet with sweat, one could feel the charm in her black hair.

having good skin, it was a moderately trained body.

The fine body that would make you say it has no fat.

The woman is tall, she appears to be much taller than myself, there is also her back that is extended like a pin.

She is smaller than the young man next to her as expected, but she was taller than a woman normally was, so you can feel her strength.

— What should I do.

I wonder if I should say something.

When I worried, a voice came from the other side.

While feeding the curiosity to look towards the young man, I had began spinning words.

「You also lost someone?」

「Oh, hmm… Well…」

I’m no good at talking with someone.

Because of the Demon Eyes, I have lived away from people.

「Because I am separated does not mean I will attempt to do something, you do not have to strain yourself. — rather, because it’s pretty much the first time I talk with people of the lower bound, I’m tense.」

I wonder if that is tense.

I can see something like a leeway, but could it be that is his original atmosphere.

The way he speaks, though wearing a somewhat loose air, it feels like an approachable person.

In contrast to the transcendental appearance, I received a somewhat friendly impression from the young man.

「Is… that so?」

「Yeah. It looks like you made her put her guard up. Hey now,  it may seem that we didn’t because we are concentrated in this grave making, but I just met this person.」

「Fufu, Something interesting, right」

I wonder why I though that way, but it’s the subtleties of your own mind, a clear answer is not found.

But, it’s certain that the vigilance in my heart has melted when I saw him shrug his shoulders in an exaggerated manner.

The beautiful woman pointing at the gravestones on the ground cheerfully floated a soft smile.

It seems I have somehow got myself into a strange place.

— …I did not meet mom and dad.

I met with two mysterious people instead.

The peak of the Lindholm sacred mountain makes me have the impression that the outside world influence does not reach here.

Thanks to that, not being only chased, a room in a bit of my heart was born.

「Me too, the… grave? — for making it, can I help out or not… ?」

「Of course. I appreciate it. So, yeah… so that the graves pierce the ground and not fall, help us by finding small stones to fix the base in place.」

「Yeah, I understand.」

This young man talked too much that I felt I was not speaking with the same person.

There is a sense of intimacy felt.

「Oh, I’m Merea.」

Suddenly, the young man said the name as if he just remembered.

The young man, however, did not ask my name.

He quickly cuts his gaze, and 『It’s because we didn’t want you to say it if you didn’t want to say it.』came to show a behavior that includes care about the person in question.

「Oh, hey!」


「A, Aizu. My name … is [Aizu]」

I did not have the courage to expose my family name.

This long-awaited encounter may be broken up with the issue of the [Devil] clan.

But, I wanted them to know my name.

Because the ties of knowing each others names — I wanted that.

「I see. Well, best regards, Aizu.」

「Y, yeah!」

The girl dropped off the baggage at the appropriate location, and rolls up the long sleeve of her clothes.

Then, close to the grave of stone standing about had already been tens, she was going to fix the base of the graves with pebbles.

— I wonder whose graves it is.

although the name had already been carved, none of it has a space.

It’s isn’t the same family name too.

I wondered, but because it was likely to break this space, rather than to ask, I was decided to work in silence.

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