Chapter 14 -The devil of the white-hair.

「Get down!! it’s a technique artillery!!」

The warning became reality just after.

It was the voice of the voice of the [Sword Empress] Elma.

When everyone heard her voice, it was already running overhead.

The flash of light penetrated obliquely upward from the east.

It scrapes off the rocks and comes off further sideways.

It forced its way through. (Just a guess, the original line is :薙なぎ払いだ。)

It rushed to the sky while melting a corner of the sacred mountain with a huge amount of light and heat.

Thanks to Elma’s warnings, the Demon Lords hid themselves on the spot.

While Merea was lying down in the same way, he suddenly saw that the white flash scraped some of the graves of the spirits.

– What.

That stimulates Merea’s feelings.

Slightly, at last the flash rose to the sky and disappeared, and the silence of everyone came.

At the top of the summit where the light finally passed, Merea glanced towards the tombs.

The tombs of the spirits still managed to keep intact.

I could not believe the breath of relief that came from me.

But I can’t bear it.

He was heading to the corner of the sacred mountain that was gouged to see what released it, and turned his red eyes to there.

Then, it was reflected in his eyes.

「- So many.」

It was a crowd of dozens of people wearing black clothes of the same shape.

They were climbing to a considerable height.

Merea guessed that the technique artillery had been released by several people down the summit.

The remnants of magical power and the lingering of a slight technique constitution that had been finished left in the space are reflected  in [Technique God Flounder ⋅ Crow Evil Eyes]

「The flag of a black kingdom and a unified uniform with that color. –Mousegg Kingdom that was chasing me.」

As if to also lie down next to Merea, [Sword Empress] Elma said.

「Recently, in that country the military unification of the neighboring countries has become quite strong, and it’s that country that takes the lead in “Demon Hunting” at the same time」

Merea’s eyebrows responded swiftly to the word “Demon Hunting”

「Those are Mousegg’s Artist corps, and what they are aiming at the moment — Is the [Demon Sword Krisher] I have」

That’s when Elma’s hand was holding the handle of the Demon Sword, seeming to be in a so-called attitude.

When Merea strives to grasp the situation, other Demon Lords got closer one after the other, and each one was peeping under their eyes while expressing what they thought on their faces.

「Hey, the second one will come.」

One of them warns again when seeing the movements of Mousegg’s Artists.

Immediately after, their gazes concentrate on one person.

It was Merea that they turned their eyes to.


Why to focus on Merea?

There were many reasons, but the big reason is that Merea was a bit different from the other Demon Lords.

Only Merea had not escaped.

It seemed that the summit of the sacred mountain was the home of Merea.

The story of living at the mountaintop of the Lindholm Sacred Mountain is somewhat unbelievable, but indeed the Demon Lords remembered that they talked quietly in the middle of the discussion earlier.

That was the 『Difference』.

Unlike other Demon Lords, [Merea] did not run away, they found to be an easy-to-understand 『Difference』.

The difference was a straightforward reason for choosing a person.

Yes, after momentary thinking they were trying to trust the next action to someone.

In order for themselves to escape as the same group, it’s necessary to delegate the right of action to someone in this way.

Twenty two Demon Lords gathered together.

If everyone wants to live, the option with the best survival rate is to “cooperate”

On top of that, in order for themselves who have just met to cooperate, they have to abandon the various 『Shreds』and unify their opinions even though it was made forcibly.

And when they thought so, thought to whom to give that right, Merea’s appearance came to their minds.

A man who, for a moment, provided a space of comfort for themselves.

Once you see 『Difference』 in Merea, then another reason starts moving to make the existence of “Merea” 『Special』 unreasonably.

It was similar to the action when making excuses.

Psychological work that forcibly adds convincing colors to just a trivial factor.

Self-suggestion, Self-induction.

Everyone did it in a short time.

Survival instinct whispered as it should be.

Then they committed to Merea to decide what action to take next.

It would have been a bad conversation for Merea.

It seems that they were badly pressured to press the decision.

A man named Merea now has the life of twenty-one Demon Lords on his shoulders.

The Demon Lords Apologized to Merea in their hearts.

Apologizing but wishing.

Give me a word.

Give me a guideline.

But their thoughts are betrayed in an unexpected way.

From Merea the words for the Demon Lords could not be drawn.

Merea’s eye for eye gaze like observation was hardly noticed by the eyes of the Demon Lords.

Therefore, he did not notice the intention of the gaze of the Demon Lords of “Give me words”.

Even so, Merea responded to the 『Wishes』 of the Demon Lords in other ways.

The thought of 『Give me a word』 betrayed, but he was responding to the fundamental wish of 『Give me a guideline』

The Guideline was indicated by  an『action』.

At the beginning og the action, a low voice of Merea’s was released, and it flew towards the Mousegg’s artists under the eye.

It was a not so loud voice that they wouldn’t have heard.

And it wasn’t a word for the Demon Lords.

However, The Demon Lords who were nearby, certainly heard that voice.


「–Do not let it go, the second one, absolutely」

It was a voice with strong resolve.

「Do not break this place.」

Those who cut down 『their-names』 was an easy to understand hostile attitude for Merea.

Merea was standing alone on the rim of the cliff.

It seemed as if the cold wind popping which had been blowing snowstorm at the summit of the sacred mountain was transformed into majesty surrounding Merea.

The moonlight shined on Merea’s snow-white hair, his red eyes warlike, the Demon Lords stood halfway and watched.


A group of Mousegg artillery men were holding hands at one point.

in the space where they were holding hands, huge technique procedures were being deployed.

It is a cooperative technique to be performed by multiple people.

Knitting and activating a technique that can not be knitted with a single manipulative processing ability by multiple people interlocking well.

Although it is necessary to practice for interlocking, event if it overcomes it can quickly activate a powerful technique, so large-scale artificial corps often have these cooperation operation techniques.

The Mousegg ceremonial army’s eighteenth was the white light art gun as before.

The power was visibly high.

It is enough to perforate a corner of the sacred mountain.

The event formula is complicated and huge to be proportional to the power.

「It’s bad, that, it might be more flashy than before, I knew that Mousegg is making a leap forward, but I did not think that the level of the artistic soldiers were this high.」

「What will you do?」

Some of the Demon Lords curse at Mousegg’s technique

Like other Demon Lords gave similar bitterness.

— However, only one person, Merea directed his red eyes with a relaxed expression,

「– Aggressive reversal procedure」

It was spinning one word.

Next, looking at the actions taken by Merea, the Demon Lords that were around are frightened.

Merea knitting 『Alone』 a technique that resembles that of the Mousegg Artistic soldiers under his eyes.

He opens one hand and is turning toward the military soldiers.

The Mousegg side was already completed in the eight percent, and it seemed that the light bombardment was about to fly now.

However, as if to catch up with that technique speed in a moment, the operation ceremony spreads from the palm of Merea with tremendous speed.


Someone Looked at it and gave a startling voice.

The Mousegg manipulation soldiers were concentrating on knitting their techniques and did not notice the figure of  the『Devil』 that was knitting a similar type of manipulation with just one person.

Finally, most of the techniques on the Mousegg side finish knitting and the artists are looking up at the summit to set aim.

Merea appeared for the first time in their eyes.

Snow-white hair that winds over cold winds.

Red eyes that looked down without blinking even for a moment.

It was deployed in one hand —


Their expressions froze.

Because the lower half of the face is covered with a black mask, not all of the expression can be seen, but there is no blinking.

it’s frozen.

One of them finally.

「Shoot, Quickly–!!!」

To the artist who had begun to evoke the active part of the operation ceremony — the voice fo the devil sounded on the spot earlier than that.

「– [Black Gun]」

The sparkle of black flash, which closely resembled the white flash of the previous time, was running obliquely downwards this time.

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