Chapter 16 -The power of the spirits.

「I will go as well. When I get there I will break through, I will push through the direction you showed. I have to break through somewhere to survive anyway.」

[Sword Empress] Elma who brought [Demon Sword Krisher] on her right hand called to Merea pulling off the robe’s hood unnoticed.

The moist and black hair was swaying, and the light of a strong will lights in the pale purple eyes of hers.

The demon sword that she carries with her right hand, in accordance to Elma’s battle readiness, was 「kikikiki」 emmiting something like a shrill sound.

There was nothing wrong as a sword except that it had an oddly shaped form, and that there was such a cry from somewhere.

It was a screaming voice that gave shivers down the spine.

「Are you sure you want to do that?」

「Oh, I’ve made up my mind –and it’s me who is being chased the [Sword Empress]. If I escape here, the other Demon Lords will be harmed instead. I only thought that I had to confront Mousegg.」

Elma was running away from Mousegg.

It was because she thought that she could not win even though she could put up a good fight.

The number was too different.

The opponent was a nation.

However, now Elma was prepared for it.

It’s because she met other Demon Lords.

Elma repelled the evil hand of Mousegg got stretched out to other demons by escaping by herself.

She wanted to avoid that much.

That was her last intention as a [Sword Empress].

If I’m going to save them in a situation similar to myself, let’s take this sword to heaven like my ancestor did.

Because of this situation, at least my heart will be like a 『Hero』.

Such a determination was born in Elma’s chest.

「Mousegg is a powerful country so other demons can escape to a different direction, I do not know if I can stop, but I will do as much as I can.」

Elma was serious thinking that it was okay.

But those who did not allow it were nearby.

「That way is no good, it will conflict with my beliefs.」

It was Merea.

Merea was spinning clear and denied the words of Elma’s self-sacrificial declaration.

Elma honestly, was puzzled.

In this situation, she did not think that there would be a decisive denial.

It would be easier for her to escape if she ran away from Mousegg.

Even if she heard stories from other forces, it was certain that Mousegg was a powerful country to compete against other twelve countries.

「And if Mousegg is a powerful country, will it have an excellent role as a 『wall』 against other forces due to the powerful nations?」

For reasons such as attaching after that, Elma was able to prepare some opposite words.

『But even if you break trough the Mousegg army, there is a home country beyond that.』

Such words.

Although there was a distance, It was certain that it was a terrible road approaching the mainland of Mousegg.

But Elma couldn’t say it.


— I just decided to give this guy the right to decide on actions… I delegated.

Elma was also mixed among those who saw Merea at that time, in that instant.

Elma had also hoped for Merea before the decision had yet to be made.


— Can’t say it.

I will lie to myself.

Only in this situation, I decided to follow his guidelines.

「I will help everyone with all my energy, so I decided, so I will say so, so it’s not like I will leave anyone alone.」

Maybe this guy is a sweet man.

Elma noticed.

Sweetness like of a fool, and the strength to say it straight.

And listening to his words —

I feel relieved in my heart.


The word of Merea rushed on the fluctuation by [Comforting Yurun ⋅ Eura Vocal Cords], and also reached the other demons firmly.

And they had made one determination.

The words of Merea.

『There is no one to leave alone』

The 『Lord』 that they delegated decision-making authority took such guidelines.

Then, what do you do with them?

They pressed the responsibility.

They hoped it unilaterally.

Those who were here cooperated and thought that it was the best for themselves as a result — they did so.


— There will be no choice but to continue.

Apparently the lord was like a sweet man.

If you have shown power that is like a devil, and say things really sweet like wanting no one to sacrifice.


— Not bad.

This is the situation. Whatever way you take, every road is definitely hard.

I would not have climbed such a mountain if I was not having any problems in the first place.

Let’s move on to the path you thought was good.

What did you think about that man’s words?

— Very good.

It is a good word as much as to be ashamed of the side to be helped.


『Help me.』

Because we also help the Lord,

『Let us help.』

— Believe that word.


Merea caught it at the edge of sight that each of the devils beat their cheeks to decide their preparedness and began to hold weapons on each one.

On the other hand, the Mousegg cavalry soldiers under the eyes are approaching tightly as if to see the reactions.

Merea who grasped the situation of the demons with a small glance ar the same time while checking with a gaze,

— A little more. Give me some more time.

I thought so.

As Merea, wanted to give the demons as much grace as he could.

He thought it necessary time to decide the resolution of theirs.

Merea and Elma are likely to move soon.

That’s why Merea was ahead of himself to intrude into the army of Mousegg with a hidden technique formula.


— Still a little more.

Merea waited further.

If you take out hands from here, it becomes a clear smoke wave, and the battle will spread.

It’s the last opportunity to earn the time before the demons decide before they are able to see each other looking at each other.

So as long as he could, Merea waited.


「You are gentle.」

While Elma next door also kept a keen eye on the artists, she suddenly smiled a suddenly and said such a thing.

「There is not such a thing, I thought a certain bit of tough things, myself.」

「Like orders to 『Prepare to fight』.」

「– Such a thing.」

Elma gave a slight attention to the movements of the Mousegg militia soldiers.

After that there were no more words.

Mousegg artistic soldiers were coming soon.

Now someone can’t bear this tension and take action as if it is evasive.

Now, now.

The progress of the time from there felt slowly badly.

Still, the beginning itself was funny.

Merea did not miss a couple of artists dropped towards the end of sight.

He’s going to turn around.

Diagonally behind Merea, Aizu let out that in a loud voice.

Merea answers with such a small voice and reassured her.

Perhaps it is a sign of the beginning.

In conclusion, Merea finally to the next of Elma said.

「– Do not die. thanks for helping me making the tombs, I haven’t said that yet.」

「Ha ha, let’s return together, let me thank you for having a good time later.」

Elma said that and broke her side by Merea with her elbow.

Meanwhile Merea gave a little bit of smile with the corners of his mouth.


— It came.

From the left and right, Several Mousegg artists came round to finally trying to knit the operation ceremony.

Quiet open war.

But it was also a clear war.

「Leave the right to me.」

Elma talked briefly and her legs tilted to the right.


「Well, leave everything else to me.」

He gave such words and 『clasped』 his hands.


In response to the words of Merea, Elma bounced her body to the right, but raised a shaky voice.


Until we can decide properly.

— I will support this war situation.

Now is the power of these spirits.

It supports our beliefs — its power.


「[ Thunder God Celestar ⋅ Vulca’s Thunder]」

「Boom」, and the sound of clapping sounded, and at that moment an operation technique expanded from Merea’s palms.

It eventually became an event and manifested in this world.

— White Thunder.

The sound of the bolt and the fierce lightning.

It’s 『loaded』 into the body of Merea.

in a moment, the body of Merea like a white ghost appears to be a more cosmetic one.

Incarnation of roaring-white.

It’s a form that drifts a strange atmosphere that does not even include people in the first place.

Such Merea takes the first step.

The afterglow of the lightning stolen in the body flutters in the space like a tail, at the next moment,

Merea ⋅ Mea’s figure disappeared from the spot.

Those on the spot that they were due to the movements at super speed noticed it immediately after three Mousegg artists were blown off on the left.

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