Chapter 15 -The word hero is meaningless.

「[White Light Gun] !」

Immediately after the dark bombardment was released from Merea’s open palm, a white-fire bombardment was released from the technique operations that the Mousegg artists were knitting.

Bombs of black-and-white collided with each other.

The orbit is the same, the piercing point is mutual.

Direct hit.

Rivalry — Disappearing.

It was a complete offset.

The mighty magical artillery spun by multiple artists was offset by the inversion technique by just one person.

For the Mousegg Artists, it was such a situation that it could be broken into war by that alone.


Until just before the black-and-white light offset, they had a little hope.

The hope that Merea’s technique may be 『apparently defeated』.

It is impossible for only one person to knit a technique that is similar to their cooperative technique. That’s why it is like a vulnerable technique.

— It wasn’t

Merea’s  black light’s bombardment also offset the hope of the Mousegg artist soldiers.

「Hey! I have never heard of such a Demon Lord!! [Sword Empress] wasn’t an artist! Why is there such a technique –」

Elma who they were pursuing is the demon who has the name of [Sword Empress]

although [Sword Empress] is name after a Demon Sword, it’s not the type of knit a technique by itself.

It’s a fiercer type who runs on the battlefield with a sword and a sophisticated swordsmanship to the limit.

But clearly  there is a different existence from its previous reputation

— This is a Devil.

The same words passed in their minds.


To the Mousegg soldiers who express astonishment, Merea said.

With a strong, well resonating voice.

「Why do you attack?!」

There was an idea as to why the Demon Lords were aimed at.

It was also asked to Flounder, because of listening to heavenly dragon Clautice about the situation.

However, one can’t decide the truth about something one does not check himself.

It’s a fool’s act to abandon thinking.

Especially, Merea who has never seen the situation outside with his own eyes was rather cautious about thinking by oneself and judging genuinely.

Merea asked the Mousegg militia soldiers under the eyes while knitting an artistic pattern of [Technique God Flounder ⋅ Crow Evil Eyes] with his red eyes.

「Why did you shoot the artillery gun without warning?!」

Merea’s voice sounded really well.

So as to shake the air, it passes well.

Apart from Merea, no one notices that it is due to the [Comforting Yurun ⋅ Eura Vocal Cords]

In response to the voice of Merea like this, the Mousegg artists of black clothes affixed a ridiculous gesture to the face that seems easy to understand even with the mask, and answered.

That ridicule was the only counterattacking method for their broken heart due to Merea’s inversion ceremony.

「Because we expected that there would be a Demon Lord there, a Demon Lord is an enemy? A mortal enemy. Do you need a warning against such enemy? Rather, you need a preemptive strike.」

It did not say what the Demon Lord is.

Words spun in anticipation of other’s understating that it is such a Demon Lord.

「… I dare ask you, the name of the Demon Lord is…?」

「[Demon Empress] It is the Demon Lord from the Elisa’s family.」

「What did that devil do to you?」

「– nothing?」


They said unapologetically.

They understand the meaning of Merea’s protest.

How are you going to say anything, they had guessed.

Knowing that he purposely provoked Merea.

That was the only way to support the self-esteem that was broken by the shootout of the artillery.

「The descendants of the Elisa family of this age did not do anything against out Mousegg kingdom. There were maybe a case of hostile mercenaries once or twice, but that is war with that. there is no such thing.」

「Why then…?!」

「Because it is a 『Demon Lord』. It’s because it’s [Sword Empress]. The power of a Demon Lord who has reached emperor is really attractive, specially the power of the Sword Empress is in an easy-to-understand form. –The Demon Sword. If we were to rob the Demonic Sword the power of our Mousegg kingdom would become even stronger.」

Emperor. The meaning of the words came to Merea like flying.

However, it is not there that matters to Merea.

Why do they target the Demon Lords who is not doing anything?

The answer is out.

It’s out but–

「Is there a feeling of repelling even a bit there?…!」

「Repel? What do you mean to repel?」

「That way you will be no different from a thief…!」

「If your opponent is a Demon Lord, you will be forgiven, it’s such a label that is the Demon Lord, especially in the current era.」

In the end he smiled at his nose, and the artist added that last.

With a smile with the greatest mockery and fluttering,

「We are the 『Heroes』. To kill the Demon Lord for the world — That is a hero! HAHA!!!」

— Rotten

Along with such words, the coldness which ran on the back of Merea ran more.

It wasn’t cold that came from being scared or fear.

It was a chill that came from irresistible anger.

The system called Demon Lord is rotten.

In the past it might have been useful as a system to deter tyrants.

but now with the label of Demon Lord as a shield, more brutal people have turned into 『Tools』 to use violence against us.

And the same is true for the Mousegg artists under his eyes.

There is no hesitation in their words.

He is eyeing for those who seriously think so.

While knowing that it is a sneaky way, it is convenient.

— Rotten

Merea repeated in his heart twice.

At least, the soldiers of the kingdom called Mousegg under the eyes is covered with corruption that is hard to overlook.

Merea judges.

And decides.

Whether or not he should exercise more power on this occasion now.

If so, what should he exercise it for?

To help Mousegg’s artistic soldiers who ridicule my eyes?

Do you want to help them with a Demon Lord killing vengeance of empty words?

— No.

Then I will give power to help the Demon Lords.

— For what purpose I piled up my research studies?

It was to respond to the thoughts of the spirits.

— For whar purpose I learned to knit techniques.

To protect what I thought I wanted to protect.

— Are those who are over there really 『Heroes』 to kill the Demon Lord?


The 『Hero』they speak of is also an empty label like 『Demon Lord』

The word 『Hero to devour the Demon Lord』 no longer —

— Has a meaning.


The movement of Merea from there was pleasant and quick.

Mousegg’s artists who noticed the silence of Merea have gradually recovered from the startle of the counter and are beginning to build a calm strategy,

The director of the unit was giving instructions to other artists.

In contrast, Merea counted the total number of artistic soldiers under the field of sight.

「- 56」

Spoken in words.

Then from the side,

「There are ten more people under the cliff, in the back of the cliffs on the left and right, in an out of sight place」

The small girl who visited Lindholm Holy Mountain second [Aizu]. She took her delicate body that was as if it would break if hugged, putting her face next to Merea, sprinkling a word that was awkward but clever.

Merea noticed mysterious patterns on the silver eyes are floating and it seems as if the confident words as if they counted from the sky though the surrounding area were based on the power of some demonic eyes.

So while Merea shows a look that seemed a little surprised at her,

「Okay, could you tell me the location in detail?」

「– Yup」


The girl — [Aizu] had the surrounding scenery seen with a bird’s-eye view.

[Evil Eyes of the Devil]

It is described as 『the eye of a demon living in heaven』, which enables long-distance overhead viewing.

At that time she appeared to have the appearance of the surrounding Mousegg technique.

— Three people in the back of the right cliff. Two people on the left. Five people are hiding under the cliffs.

「Three people on that side, two people on the left, five people under the cliffs are lining up at the same interval…」

「All right.」

Aizu said to Merea.

Aizu is Aizu, and is still surprised at Merea’s actions.

A fearless technique of ability to operate.

I could see it was a fence.

I have never seen such an enormous technique to be knitted by just one person and at such a high-speed.

I was surprised to see that Mousegg artistic soldiers knitted a similar type of operation with five people and he did it alone.

In addition, Aizu was worried that Merea’s maneuverable artillery was a technique similar to Mousegg’s white light technique.

— You said you reversed…

I think I can guess.

perhaps, he looked at this opponent’s ceremony and instantly created a similar maneuver.

Also, incorporate a mechanism that will offset each other.

I wonder if he can do such a thing.

— He can do it… It looks like.

It’s a tremendous user.

That he is doing something again.

I guess somewhat from him because I do not have the power to fight.

That which is on yourself is only an eye that sees the surroundings.

It’s at best reliable.

That’s why I used the [Evil Eyes of the Devil], which had been a challenge to use in front of someone, if at least it could help him.

— Hopefully… it’s okay?

The way for us to survive — I wonder if I can ask him…

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