Chapter 13 -The words for the first time have colors.

It was quick to understand the information.

Merea doesn’t really know information about the lower world.

However, in order to complement the missing information rapidly, he listened to their words while speaking with the demon lords.

Then, some facts came to be highlighted.

「Did everyone come to the Lindholm Sacred Mountain as a result of escaping from pursuers who wanted the power of the demon lords?」

「There is no mistake as long as you listen to the story. The problem is that there were people being pursued from all directions, whether this is accidental or not, it is a very difficult situation.」

[Sword Empress] Elma followed the words of Merea.

And, as Elma says, Merea also thought that a priority should be given to the circumstances when they have pursuers from all sides, east, west, north and south.

「Well, that, if pursuers gather from all directions now — It will be a big deal… right?」

They were easily found to be in a bad predicament.

Somehow, they were aware of the state of escapism they were in until now.

『Please wait a moment. I didn’t make tombs with this in mind.』

They might have been stuck in the moment and may have been thinking about what to do while being confused and distracted, but if possible they wanted to know earlier what Merea’s real intention was.

When Merea groaning asked the Demon Lords that were there, Elma answered the question rightly.

「It may be so, although it has been said that it is largely divided into four sides, if there are so many Demon Lords we will be buried from all directions, we are just expecting the pursuits that come from the same direction to have a conflict.」

「To have a conflict…」

「That kind of possibility is big. Because they are seeking the power of the Demon Lords in order to obtain the advantage against the other powers quickly. We are being chased because of the age of war, but because it’s the age of war the situation may be a little better.」

Elma emphasized that it’s only wishful thinking.

「The most troublesome thing is not them conflicting but cooperating. Let’s arrange which directions each of you came from so that we can predict that to a certain extent — I’m from the east.」

Elma took the initiative and made recommendations.

She said while swaying the demon sword Krishura with one hand and her black hair in the wind.

Then, in answer to Elma’s recommendations

「I-I’m from the north」

[Aizu] who visited the summit next to Elma was tidy, but was conveying the information firmly.

After that, a young man carrying a bag and a girl with red hair said.

「I’ll be brief. My name is [Shaw]」

「I’m [Lilium]. Lilium ⋅ Ausbalt ⋅ Claire ⋅ Miu –」

「That was long, and time is synonymous with money, that means, it’s a waste of money.」

「– Lilium is fine, Because adding three more names makes it too long. I and this gold-addict came from the west.」

Three sides were no good.

All that is left is the south.

Then, following the two people, the 『Maid』who stood as if she was delirious and ordered at the same time shook her silver hair.

「I’m [Mariza]. I’m from the south.」

Mariza bowed to Merea, and Merea received by giving a bow with his head.

「Re-Really? …」

At this point all sides are closed off.

After that, the demon lords repeatedly reported the direction in which they were pursued, and each time Merea’s unpleasant premonition was confirmed.


This is probably bad.

Apparently Lindholm Sacred Mountain is going to get caught in an unexpected battle.

Merea felt something close to certainty about that.


But what is it?

If you look at them, they have a thoughtful expression on them.

– Merea, what are you going to do?

What is more important in this situation will be your own opinion.

Merea thought about the puzzle that was in his heart for the first two minutes, but for the other eight minutes he thought.

In the first place, it doesn’t fit.

It’s an unusual situation that we just met each other.

– Yeah.

First of all is how you think.

Amidst this situation, just 『what』 has grown in myself when I heard their story?

『What do you want?』

The last thing to believe in at last is surely that kind of 『Impulse』.

It accurately identifies it.

But in fact, to Merea,

– Something… Please be there.

There was such hope, such thought.

Merea had noticed somewhat that there was no strong impulse to himself.

No, it may be true, but because of me not being involved with the world, its exposure has not yet existed.

So I can’t be sure.

An enclosed connection in an enclosed space, with evil.

When you live in the present world, I could not predict what I thought myself.

– Think something properly

I remember the lessons learned by the spirits, their thoughts and such things firmly.

But, as their beliefs, can you set it as the basis of your actions?

I didn’t understand because I didn’t get involved with the world.

So as he hoped, Merea stretched out his mind to his heart.

Actually, it was a little — frightening.

When I thought of not having anything there, my heart beat earnestly.

– What do you think?

Unexpected visitors.

An unexpected connection.

But thin. — really thin.

A relationship line that does not exist.

– That’s it.


For some reason — It’s hard to trow it away.

For me it’s the first connection with the outside world.


– They are 『Demon Lords』.

The former words of Flounder were remembered.

『You are to, cooperate with the Demon Lords.』

Although there is a preface to say that if you are made to be a Demon Lord, it was honestly felt by Merea as it’s a decision that was made.

There was something about the future stone fiunace, and Flounder’s words that was somewhat confident.

How did you answer at that time?

『Well, then let me aim to be a hero for the Demon Lords』

If they wanted to reach out and wanted their hand to be taken.

I said so.

I seriously said it.

But that was a gray word.

I really do not know if I think like this from the bottom of my mind, If that’s the case.

There was such thought.

That’s why there is no color on that word.

In relation to the world, that word to have color for the first time.

If so, now is the time that will determine it.

Now, I began to engage with the existence of the world called Demon Lords.

– They have been atrocious.

I did not listen to everything, but as I heard their story about it, it seems to be true for most people.

People persecuted from things that can only be unreasonable or absurd.

The state of the Demon Lords in this era heard from Flounder. The demons of tragedy, covered with a devil’s hide. It’s like a sacrifice to the era of war.

Trying to look at each individually, it’s impossible to judge good and bad words as long as you talk more.

However, when they looked from a broad perspective, they fled so far that they wanted to be saved in spite of being impulsively burdened with unreasonableness.

– Demon Lord.

Apparently, they seemed to be swallowed already in the violence that comes with the word.

– Flounder, everyone.

Merea reminds of the many spirits who have watched over him.

– It was everyone’s urge to want to save someone.

Heroes were born in that way.

A savior.

I still can’t reach them.

There is not even a hand on their shoulders.

In the first place, I may not be a hero to a large number like them.


– It’s true that you think you can’t leave it alone.

There was a certain 『Impulse』 whithin Merea.

When he noticed it, Merea remembered the elevation.

At the same time he remembered a little — relief.

I guess that it surely would be able to add color to that word.

『Well, then let me aim to be a hero for the Demon Lords』

In Merea’s mind, that word shone with color for the first time.

◆ ◆ ◆

「What to do, escape, but we have been surrounded on all sides.」

「The city-nation army who is pursuing me has a military operation corps.」

「Why are you being chased by them?! Which Demon Lord are you?」

「[Sword Empress]」

「Oh, the family of the evil sword … Seriously, [The 38 heavenly sword brigade]. Moving the operation corps as well.」

「It’s not what it used to be, it has been a long time and the name of the brigade has declined.」

「Well, the demon name still is [Sword Empress]. It’s a pretty name.」

「Well, is that the same [Sword Empress] that splits ocean with bare hands?」

「That is a bit of an overlooking tale. — Anyway, I heard roughly, there are a variety of things from great forces to minor forces, perhaps the minor forces are checked by the major forces before coming to the sacred mountain and will be regulated and go back.」

「As a result, the most troublesome thing will approach sacred mountain.」

「haha — I shouldn’t laugh …」

While Merea was thinking, the story was progressing among the other demons.

For some time someone will not set a guideline, the place is unlikely to be settled.

Merea who seized it said in a low voice while trying to smoothly advance the group discussion.

「Well, we have to look for a place where they are the weakest at.」

he said.

The next moment.

An unexpected incident was hitting the spot.

「Wh…! Something… is coming!」

It was a girl’s voice.

The lineage of the demon king [Tenma]. A girl named [Aizu] sensed something and made everyone pay attention to something.

Immediately afterwards,

A pure white flash penetrated the summit of the Lindholm Sacred Mountain.

It’s as if it was a bombardment of light.

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